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Alberta, which was formerly thought to be more traditional, has accepted licensed dealers and is now one of the top cannabis-selling provinces in terms of cash and volume. Anyone looking to expand their horizons can find great weed items including buds, edibles, extracts, hash, shatter, concentrates, CBD, THC, oils, tinctures, clones, and more on our online dispensary.

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When ordering marijuana in Alberta, make sure you check out BC Weed Shop for weed online shipped to your door. It’s very easy to order cannabis in Alberta online using BC Weed Shop. Fast weed delivery services are needed across Alberta and BC Weed Shop has you covered! We have an array of cannabis products that suit your needs. Simply add your favourite products to your cart and checkout using e-transfer. Your order will be shipped as soon as possible with tracking!

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Natural beauty and unique experiences are filled in Alberta’s western province. The list goes on and on: outdoor terrain, massive peaks, vast forests, and so on. Alberta is one of the most popular destinations in Canada for adventure seekers! For marijuana fans, Alberta is a one-of-a-kind location. In Canada, the legal age for purchasing and possessing cannabis is 18, which is the lowest in the world. Anyone under the age of 18 caught with five grammes or less of marijuana will face penalties. Alberta is a prominent cannabis market, with sales of $123 million in 2019. Alberta outsold Ontario in the first year of legalisation despite having a population of roughly 10 million people less! Despite some municipal worries, many Albertans have embraced the cannabis lifestyle. If you enjoy cannabis in the great outdoors, Banff National Park, Lake Louise, and Jasper National Park should be on your must-see list when visiting Alberta.



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