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BC Weed Shop provide top quality cannabis flower, edibles, concentrates, clones, and more across British Columbia. Located in Prince George, BC – we provide local and fast same-day weed delivery services to areas nearby. BC Weed Shop also ships throughout British Columbia and all provinces in Canada.

Same Day Weed Delivery British Columbia

We have marijuana products from the industry’s finest marijuana growers. We value healthy relationships with our British Columbia weed connections and hand-pick our top buds for dependably unique and fragrant cannabis, edibles, and dabs you can trust. Many of our tasty AAAA bud strains are grown in the cleanest soil and growing conditions possible, ensuring that you always get the freshest cannabis and dabs possible. Shop the best weed products online with BC Weed Shop. Pre-rolls are cannabis joints that come in various sizes and strains. Because they’re pre-rolled, all you have to do is light them up and go!

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Purchasing them has the advantage of convenience. We have a variety of weed, hash oil, and dry herb vaporizers that are useful, efficient, and long-lasting. Cannabis concentrates are extracts that have been cleaned of all plant materials, leaving only cannabinoids with distinct properties. Edibles are famous for their ability to provide a discreet, pleasant, and long-lasting high. Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Canada, we can offer a wide range of chocolates, gummies, baked goods, drinks, capsules, and gummies for delivery in BC.




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