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There will be 161,000 recreational cannabis users in 2021, but only two approved producers can meet this demand in Manitoba. Due to a shortage of retailers, BC Weed Shop’s online dispensary and weed delivery can fill the gap and provide the necessary cannabis products for medical and recreational customers who have been left out.

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Manitoba is a Canadian province featuring well-known cities such as Winnipeg, Brandon, Steinbach, Thompson, and others. We provide fast shipping to the province of Manitoba. Whether you are looking for edibles, flower, hash, concentrates, clones, or other medicinal marijuana products – you can start shopping online at BC Weed Shop. We have e-transfer for the easy ordering process. Shop your favourite products and cheap cannabis deals.

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Manitoba is perfect for weed smokers since you may relax and enjoy the benefits of cannabis legally in your own house. Although Manitoba is not a cannabis-focused region, it does provide a wide range of cannabis-related activities and tourism. The smoking and vaping of cannabis are prohibited in most public places, including parks, beaches, and many other places that permit the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes. You can eat edibles, oils, and tablets to do so.



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