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Sativa, indica, and hybrid craft cannabis are available at BC Weed Shop. We’ll bring it directly to your door! Try our simple online ordering system with e-transfer payment. We ship your weed in a secure and discrete way using Canada Post.

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healthy cannabis plants growing in CanadaNew Brunswick is a unique province with many distinguishing characteristics. In comparison to most other parts of the country, only around half of the population resides in urban areas. It’s also the only official bilingual province in Canada, believe it or not. A third of the population, mainly those of Acadian heritage, speaks French. Since its legalisation, they’ve also grown to appreciate cannabis. In 2019, New Brunswick had the third-highest cannabis use rate in Canada, with 20% of the population using weed products. Order marijuana from BC Weed Shop if you’re one of the many people who have discovered the benefits of marijuana now that it’s legal. We even have cannabis clones for sale!

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New Brunswick’s cannabis culture is distinct, with a mix of enthusiastic consumers and stricter regulations. People’s homes are pretty much the only places where they can smoke or vape. You can save time by ordering marijuana from a mail-order marijuana (MOM) dispensary such as BC Weed Shop online.  Consumers in New Brunswick are accustomed to paying the highest per-gram price for recreational and medicinal cannabis of the ten provinces, therefore it would be wise to use an online mail-order dispensary for weed delivery.



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