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AAAA weed flower budNova Scotia is one of Canada’s three marine provinces and the country’s second-smallest province. Don’t let its modest size deceive you: this Atlantic Coast province is rich in natural beauty and historic adventures. It also has a strong – and vibrant – marijuana culture! BC Weed Shop has you covered whether you’re visiting Nova Scotia or looking for a variety of strains, vapes, edibles, hash, or extracts. You can get fast weed delivery in Nova Scotia using our mail order marijuana services.

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Cannabis connoisseurs thrive in Nova Scotia. According to Statistics Canada, people “consumed 27.1 grams of marijuana per person each year.” British Columbia, Ontario, and the rest of the country were all behind the province! Visitors and residents can be confident that they will not be the only cannabis consumers in the province, and that cannabis smoking, growing, vaping, or edibles are very widespread! Easily order online from our weed dispensary and we will ship your order as soon as possible.



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