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Order cannabis, concentrates, hash, edibles, clones, and more online at BC Weed Shop. Our products are sourced from high-quality growers and suppliers. We ship your order using fast and discrete shipping right to your door. Get weed delivered in Nunavut across the province through mail order.

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Nunavut is Canada’s newest, largest, northernmost, and least densely populated territory. It is the world’s fifth-largest country subdivision, with around 39,000 inhabitants living in an area of nearly 2 million square kilometres. The Inuit way of life is perfectly suited to the constantly changing natural conditions of the Arctic’s various regions. Of course, this means that growing cannabis isn’t a natural activity or a top priority for those who enjoy it; instead, individuals who enjoy it commonly use mail-order marijuana companies like BC Weed Shop!

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To buy or possess cannabis in Nunavut, you must be 19 years old. Smoking, like tobacco smoking and vaping, is authorised in a limited number of indoor and outdoor venues. Weed from BC Weed Shop can be delivered to any province or territory in Canada. So, if you are located in Nunavut – feel free to browse our flower, edible, and concentrate menu. Place an order today on our online dispensary to get reliable and discrete weed delivery to your door.



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