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Sativa, indica, and hybrid craft cannabis are available at BC Weed Shop. We’ll bring it directly to your door! Try our simple online ordering system with e-transfer payment. We ship your weed, edibles, clones, and concentrates, in a secure and discrete way using Canada Post.

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Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The scenery, which is made up of one big island, is embellished with lighthouses, red and white sand beaches, lovely rolling hills, pastoral farmlands, and seashore coves. It’s gone from being a hard place to find cannabis to having one of the largest user bases in the country!

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The legal age to acquire or possess cannabis on Prince Edward Island is 19. Smoking will be restricted in most public places, with limited exceptions for areas in multi-unit and shared living spaces. The Smoke-Free Places Act, which restricts where people can smoke any substance, is also in effect. However, other towns may discover that physical dispensaries and weed delivery services are underserved in their region, prompting them to turn to mail-order marijuana (MOM) dispensaries like BC Weed Shop.



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