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flowering marijuana plantLegalization met significant obstacles in Quebec, and the province remains a relatively restrictive environment for marijuana use in many ways. Some of the steps are legitimate; for example, the government passed a number of highway safety regulations to implement a “zero-tolerance” policy. If you have any measurable amounts of cannabis or alcohol in your system, you are not permitted to drive.¬†Despite the restrictions, Quebec has been more liberal in several areas than other provinces or territories. They have set an age limit of 18 for acquiring and smoking cannabis, for example. All other provinces, with the exception of Alberta, have accepted the federal government’s 19-year-old ban.

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Quebec is the country’s second-largest and most inhabited province. The French Canadian province is known as “La Belle Province” for a reason: many tourists consider it to be the equivalent of Europe in North America. In a Radio-Canada poll, only 46% of respondents backed cannabis legalisation, compared to 58 percent nationally. The cannabis industry in Quebec is valued about $800 million, less than a third of what it is in Ontario. Consumers in some jurisdictions may find that they have fewer local options than consumers in other provinces, making online stores like BC Weed Shop an ideal answer. Purchase low-cost marijuana online and have it delivered to your home in any Quebec city.



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